Mrs. Reynholm,
Sometimes there is a day,
and then there is a night.
Sometimes, there is a morn,
and then there is an eve.
Flowers grow, trees are cut down, babies are born,
but, um, lawyers exist.
Jen Barber (The IT Crowd)


C. Roßberg
Heliosstraße 6a
50825 Köln

Der obige Abschnitt ist das Impressum entsprechend §5 TMG.


I prefer e-mail before phone calls or chat. I also prefer encrypted e-mail before non-encrypted e-mail.
Phone calls are not answered unless they have been scheduled in advance using e-mail.

Verschlüsselte E-Mails werden besonders gern beantwortet.


  • Address: cr(ÄT)rheloud(DÖT)net
  • Public Key
  • F-Print: 10A5 FE88 4215 EFF0 4E76 695D 6899 5A47 1054 066E

Import the key using GnuPG.

~$ gpg2 --import <keyname>

Check the subkey’s fingerprint

~$ gpg2 --fingerprint --fingerprint <keyname>

Note: Typing the --fingerprint-switch twice lets you view the fingerprint of the encryption-subkey.


I use

  • A6B6 D9AC 85DB 91D2 C3F8 9C75EC2B 406A 2FAF BF9E for encryption
  • 1C96 2C22 CA8F 1B0F 6F8A 5CA237D0 95BD B12C 714F for signing.


  • Jabber-ID: cr(ÄT)rheloud(DÖT)net
  • OTR-Fprint: 337DE560 F96D82BF EDFC9BA0 F18BAF40 5F9CACED

Peer-Pressure Systems

I'm not on Fac*book.

Copy this button (courtesy of R.Siddharth).
Read Mr. Stallmans' list of reasons why you should consider not to use Facebook.

Please, help me to make this website better.

I use english for this website. Because it isn't my first language, there are errors in my texts. I'm glad, if you 'd help me to make this website better by pointing them out to me.

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